Sample menu - VIP version

Breakfast 1 

  • Soft - boiled eggs served with toast

  • Plate of cold cuts and cheeses

  • Tomato salad with basil and onion

  • Freshly squeezed orange juice

Breakfast 2 

  • Omelette with cheese and basil

  • Cherry tomatoes 

  • Breakfast meats

  • Fruit cocktail

Lunch 1

  • Courgette cream soup with fresh coriander

  • Shrimps with parsley served with arugula salda

Lunch 2

  • Gyros salad served with pies - fajitas

  • Seasonal fruits

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Luxury sailing canary island new karolka safe vacation

​Dinner 1

  • Mushroom cream soup with parsley

  • Kung Pao Chicken served with rice noodles

Dinner 2 

  • Potatoes  with goat cheese and herbs

  • Fish with crispy  bread crumbs, spinach and onion

 Always available for breakfast - milk, yogur, cereals, coffe, tea, juice, jam, honey, bread.

For lunch and dinner always available - beer, wine, coffe, tea, juice.

luxury sailing canary island new karolka safe holiday
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Jogurt z owocami
Kurczak z makaronem